Andrew James 33 Litre Mini Oven Review

If you’ve been looking at the smaller Andrew James Mini Oven With Grill, which has a 20 Litre capacity, but you want something a bit bigger, then the 33 litre Andrew James Mini Oven with grill and two hot plates is definitely one of the top contenders. Why stay with the Andrew James brand? Well, as well as having an excellent track record for durable, reliable products they also offer some of the best value for money mini ovens out there.

Two that stand out other then this one are the 20 litre model without the hob, and also the 23 litre model with hot plates, which is great value for money at its selling price. This one, the Andrew James 33 Litre Mini Oven is priced cheaply also. Reviews are mostly excellent.

Features of the Andrew James 33 Litre Mini Oven With Hot Plates

  •     Can do it all, bake, roast, grill, boil, fry, defrost, reheat
  •     Convection cooking option
  •     33 Litre Capacity
  •     Two Hot Plates (1x 1000W 1x 700W)
  •     Tempered Front Glass
  •     Feet for extra grip and support
  •     Looks Great
  •     2 Year Warranty
  •     Low Price

For the price the Andrew James 33 Litre Mini Oven is better then most other brands that offer a mini oven with matching features. If the 20 and 23 litre mini ovens are a little on the small side for your needs then this is a good step up to something a bit bigger.

The Andrew James 33 Litre Mini Oven is a great choice for studio apartments, people who live alone, students, camping, and just about anyone who doesn’t need a full size oven and wants to save some space and money on energy bills that a full sized oven generally eats up.

Camping? You say. Yes, the Andrew James 33 Litre Mini Oven is bigger than the Andrew James 20 litre and 23 litre models, but it’s not so big that you couldn’t take it with you in a camper van or caravan. The Andrew James 33 Litre Mini Oven With Hot Plates measurements are: Width 51cm x Depth 32cm Height 32cm.

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AfriCAT said...

Other brands to try if you had a bad experience with Andrew James.. Oypla Premi, VonShef, Lakeland and De'Longhi. Can be found cheaper and are just as reliable.

Forget Russell Hobbs - No good.

Hope this gives someone some quick insight. Cheers big ears.

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