Friday, 30 October 2015

De'longhi Sfornatutto Maxi Mini Oven

De'longhi Sfornatutto Maxi Mini-Oven
The De'longhi Sfornatutto Maxi (32 Litre), the Mini Oven that looks like an old retro Sony television set. It's not an old piece of 80's technology, its actually a really advanced mini-oven. Not many mini-ovens have a digital screen. This one does. And not many mini-ovens have a Rotisserie option. Do you know what Rotisserie is? It means you can basically turn / rotate what you're cooking, while its cooking. Perfect for cooking meats like a lamb joint or a chicken. You got your own spit roast!. How cool is that.

This mini-oven also has many other cooking settings including convection, bake, grill, gratin, pizza, defrost and keep warm. The De'longhi Sfornatutto has a two hour timer, and even has a pause button should you need to stop the cooking process to inspect the food, or for any other reason.

As already mentioned, this is a 32 Litre mini oven with a digital read out. It has many features, and some excellent feedback reviews. The De'longhi Sforna is a very high quality mini oven, but I'm not sure its worth what its on sale for. What hasn't yet been mentioned is the price. Brace yourself. The Delonghi Sfornatutto Maxi costs a whopping £*** Lot of money! (See the price here) This is far more than most other mini-ovens and most people would probably go for something else that's cheaper, like the smaller Lakeland 18 Litre mini oven for much less than half the price.

Or the Severin 42 Litre for around half the price of the Delonghi Sfornatutto. If you don't need a mini oven with all the features and 32L size capacity of the Sforna oven, and you want to save some money the De'Longhi E01455-30 14 Litre is well worth considering.


Anonymous said...

old tv lol

Anonymous said...

do mini ovens just plug in

Anonymous said...

Hello, yes most just plug straight into the mains.

Anonymous said...

you can buy a cheaper full size oven for the price of this!! lmao

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