Issues With 45 Litre Adler Mini Oven

Most mini ovens, regardless of brand, do have a positive review score that far outweighs the negative review score. A big majority of mini ovens are well made and reliable. But if you read between the lines, or reviews in this case, there are a few that have faults. Some of those faults seem to come up more than once or twice so they are worth pointing out. Some people may read about a specific fault and think to themselves, so what, as long as it can cook me some food I can live with that little niggle.

But still, it's better to be aware of the fault before you buy the product then buy the product and then find out later when your warranty or return duration has expired. This brings me to the 45 Litre Adler Convection Mini Oven with Grill. There have been quite a few people reporting issues with the temperature not being accurate, and also the fault of the ovens top temperature not being high enough to cook food at an acceptable rate of speed. 

The 45 Litre Adler Mini Oven isn't exactly cheap either, coming in at around the same price (About £80) as the Andre James 33 litre mini oven. If you're someone who is going to need accurate temperatures, and fairly accurate cooking times it would be wise to give the 45 Litre Adler Mini Oven a miss and go for a mini oven with excellent reviews that doesn't suffer from the same faults like a VonShef 26 Litre Convection Mini Oven, Lakeland 18 Litre Mini Oven, or the Andrew James Large 33 Litre mini oven with hot plates (Same price).

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