Sunday, 6 December 2015

De'Longhi EO1200W Mini Oven Review

So many mini ovens, so many brands..Which one to choose..The De'Longhi brand is a good choice. Is the EO1200W the best one out of the bunch? No way. In fact, I would say its one of the worst. Don't get me wrong it does have some good points and some good features, but compared to the other De'Longhi mini ovens it just isn't really in the same league. Some will no doubt disagree.

First off, it's appearance. It looks cheap. Like one of those cheap white microwaves!. And by what some reviewers say, it is cheap and not very well made or durable. Have you seen the price? Not the cheapest. I would expect better build quality. Considering this issue alone, I would say that you can get a much better mini oven for considerably less money, and with much better reviews all round the board.

There are also a few reports of some of the EO1200W products having a dodgy door that refuses to open. This isn't an extremely common problem but there are a few reports of this issue. And why run the risk when there are much better products out there. Don't get me wrong, you could buy the De'Longhi EO1200W and have no problems with it what so ever, and there are people that do hold its longevity in high regard. The reviews are mostly positive after all. But I'm here to tell you about any potential issues. So I'm just telling you what I've found. Ultimately, the choice is yours as to what you end up buying.

The De'Longhi EO1200W does have some good features like a 2 hour timer with auto shut-down and dinger (Ding!) to alert you when cooking has finished. And also Pizza Bulge, which is basically an extra bit of space at the back of the oven (internally) that lets you be able to put larger pizzas in the oven without having to squash them in.

But overall it is a hard sell for the money it costs. It's also quite small with an internal capacity of twelve and a half litres. A much better option is the 14 litre De'Longhi E01455-30. Great build quality, nice design and great reviews. And its around half the price of the EO1200W!. They both have 3 cooking options, Grill, normal oven, and delicate heating. The E01455-30 is Durastone inside which is tough, durable and easy to clean. Have more money to spend and want a bigger, more feature packed mini oven that has a small digital screen and even its own spit roast? Check out the De'longhi Sfornatutto Maxi.

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