Friday, 8 January 2016

Cheap Mini Oven With Hob and Grill

If you want a cheap mini oven that has it all, then the Oypla (OYP3158) 26 Litre with grill and twin hobs is one you should consider buying. Of course, there are lots of mini ovens out there that are cheap to buy. But how reliable are they? Have you read some of the reviews for the cheaper models? Extremely off-putting.

Pictured to the right: One of the best deals for early 2016, the Oypla P3158 With Hob and Grill.

They may be some of the cheapest but there's a reason for that. They don't last very long. That's where the Oypla P3158 is different. It's cheap, has many features, including twin hobs at the top (see picture), but it also has a very good overall reviewer rating.

This is an all-in-one solution that has everything one would need to cook themselves, and others, a slap up meal. Two hot plates at the top, grill and oven. What more do you need. The Oypla P3158 is excellent for a big family, or anyone else who's needs a bit more cooking space to accommodate guests, special occasions etc. But its even more suited to single people who don't need, or have no room for a full sized, energy hungry oven. Can also be used for camping, motor homes etc. Great for a small flat or studio apartment.

Excellent for cooking all types of food from baked potatoes and chicken, to pies, toast, fry ups and pizza! Perfect for baking, frying, boiling and grilling.

The two hot plates are different. One is 800W and the other one 600W. The Oypla P3158 has a sixty minute cooking timer which alerts you by sounding a little alarm to tell you the timer has finished.  It also has safety protection if it gets too hot and will automatic shut itself down to prevent any accidents or damage being caused.

What do the buyers say about this model?

For such a cheap mini oven with hob and Grill combined that can do most things the much more expensive mini ovens can do, reviews are really good for the P3158. Most people are very impressed with the value for money that's achieved with this oven. The only bad thing really worth mentioning, or being aware of is that when everything is in use (the oven and hobs at the same time) the hot plates fail to operate at full power due to the energy being shared by the oven. Other than that reviews are great. Oh, and it can stay hot for a while after cooking. But most small ovens do anyway due to their small size.

Buying it to fit into a certain space? The external measurements of the Oypla P3158 are: 50.5cm Wide - 31cm In Height and 33cm Depth. One year warranty is included. Delivery: Free of charge.

Want something else to consider that within the same price range? The Andrew James Black 24 Litre Mini Oven And Grill With Double Hot Plates is also worth a look, but it doesn't have a better rating score than the P3158. It only rates 4 out of 5 stars where as the P3158 is closer to five.

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