Andrew James 12L Halogen Oven Cooker

The Andrew James 12L Halogen Oven

Take oven cooking to a whole new level with this Andrew James 12L Halogen Digital Mini Oven. This takes "Cookers" to new heights in many ways. Due to it's smaller size it requires absolutely no warm up time (Well, maybe 1 minute), and uses a fraction of the power that a normal, full sized oven would generally use to cook the same foods. That means less waiting around for you, and extremely low running costs. Add to that, because of how compact it is, food is ready to eat a lot faster too.

It's such a versatile, energy efficient mini oven. With multiple heating settings, including a simmer style temperatures, right up to a top temperature of 250°C, It has the ability to roast, bake, grill, defrost, reheat, fry and even steam. And you may also be surprised to find out that it can actually clean itself.. It has a clean yourself I can't be bothered setting. Although you still have to add some water and suds, it can't grab those things by itself!

But even if it didn't have the self-clean option, because its made of glass it's very easy to clean anyway. Much easier than a normal oven. Some people are saying this oven is better for you. Not just on saving you some time, and keeping some extra money in your pocket, but also healthier due to it requiring such small amounts of oil to cook certain foods. They have a point. Less fatty, greasy oil = healthier meals = healthier you. So they have a good point.

The Andrew James (1400 Watt) 12Litre Halogen Digital Mini Oven with hinged lid has many different settings. There are separate start and stop buttons, along with thermostat temperature settings, duration timer, (Longest duration is 2 hours), and a whole host of presets for various functions and for cooking different types of foods. Those buttons are called: "Rice", "Cupcake", "Steam", "Pizza", "Toast", "Cool Dry", "Clean", "Heat Dry", "Sterilize" and Turbo.

An excellent deal that just gets better. It comes with a 2 year warranty and lots of different add-on's. Dishes, Skewers, Racks, Trays and even a device that makes the capacity bigger, making it seventeen litres instead of 12. A spare bulb is also thrown in. This is one of the best Andrew James Halogen models for the price. The reviews are largely positive and most people are extremely happy with their oven. However, as with most products there are some negative reviews. A few points of concern are that this item is really big, a lot bigger than some people expected it to be before they bought it. And heavy to carry around.

Next up is Rust. A few reviewers have reported seeing rusted elements inside the oven. Of course, this is not a good thing to have inside a device that's preparing your dinner. However, lets not get too carried away. Rust, ohhh! Call an Ambulance! No, don't do that. Have you cleaned the inside of a normal sized oven lately? After a few months of contstant use. Seen how dirty it is? Just think.. You were cooking and then eating food out of that. Now, sooty deposits and the remnants of old food aren't the same as rust. But you get the idea. Truth be told, I can see why users would be alarmed to find rust inside their oven. And I also understand why some people are sending their oven back for this reason. It would be rather off-putting.

The other bad reviews are down to the item not working for very long. It's a good job this models comes with a 2 year warranty! One other thing worth noting is that there is no lock for the top lid, which some buyers have found quite annoying.

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