Severin (2058) 42L Worktop Mini Oven

The Severin (2058) 42L Worktop Mini Oven
Looking at the Severin (2058) 42L Mini Oven for the first time you would be forgiven for thinking that it was actually a microwave oven. Don't worry, it's not. It's an electric toaster oven. The Severin (2058) is one of the more expensive mini ovens out there, but also one that has a large 42 Litre capacity, great build quality, and a fairly good track record. Very popular in the UK.

Having a bigger capacity and more levels (4 in total) it can cook multiple meals at the same time (more baking shelves may be required). Great for adding as an additional cooking option to go alongside your normal cooker if you need to cook for a bigger audience, and perfect for single people (or couples) where space and running costs are of high concern. Saying that, this model is 1800 Watts so it's not exactly the most energy efficient.

The Severin TO 2058 has a manual temperature control dial and uses double heating elements that are then fan assited to make sure that the food gets blasted from every angle and is cooked evenly thoughout. It also has a grill option and the ability to use heating elements only. The cooking duration timer has a maximum setting of 1 ½ hours (noise when time has expired), and this model even has the rotisserie function, which is basically a spit roast. So all in all, it's a great toaster oven that can bake, grill and roast basically anything that your full-size oven can. 
This toaster oven comes with some excellent, useful accessories, including a pizza stone / cooking stand, rotisserie attachment, grill and baking shelf. The TO 2058 also comes with a two year warranty, which is always a welcome addition that gives some peace of mind when spending a decent amount of money on a product. One thing to be aware of with this model is that some reviewers have said that at times it can be a little on the noisey side. And the temperature is not 100% accurate according to some (a few) buyers / users.

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