De'longhi Sfornatutto Maxi Mini Oven

De'longhi Sfornatutto Maxi Mini-Oven
The De'longhi Sfornatutto Maxi (32 Litre), the Mini Oven that looks like an old retro Sony television set. It's not an old piece of 80's technology, its actually a really advanced mini-oven. Not many mini-ovens have a digital screen. This one does. And not many mini-ovens have a Rotisserie option. Do you know what Rotisserie is? It means you can basically turn / rotate what you're cooking, while its cooking. Perfect for cooking meats like a lamb joint or a chicken. You got your own spit roast!. How cool is that.

This mini-oven also has many other cooking settings including convection, bake, grill, gratin, pizza, defrost and keep warm. The De'longhi Sfornatutto has a two hour timer, and even has a pause button should you need to stop the cooking process to inspect the food, or for any other reason.

As already mentioned, this is a 32 Litre mini oven with a digital read out. It has many features, and some excellent feedback reviews. The De'longhi Sforna is a very high quality mini oven, but I'm not sure its worth what its on sale for. What hasn't yet been mentioned is the price. Brace yourself. The Delonghi Sfornatutto Maxi costs a whopping £*** Lot of money! (See the price here) This is far more than most other mini-ovens and most people would probably go for something else that's cheaper, like the smaller Lakeland 18 Litre mini oven for much less than half the price.

Or the Severin 42 Litre for around half the price of the Delonghi Sfornatutto. If you don't need a mini oven with all the features and 32L size capacity of the Sforna oven, and you want to save some money the De'Longhi E01455-30 14 Litre is well worth considering.

Issues With 45 Litre Adler Mini Oven

Most mini ovens, regardless of brand, do have a positive review score that far outweighs the negative review score. A big majority of mini ovens are well made and reliable. But if you read between the lines, or reviews in this case, there are a few that have faults. Some of those faults seem to come up more than once or twice so they are worth pointing out. Some people may read about a specific fault and think to themselves, so what, as long as it can cook me some food I can live with that little niggle.

But still, it's better to be aware of the fault before you buy the product then buy the product and then find out later when your warranty or return duration has expired. This brings me to the 45 Litre Adler Convection Mini Oven with Grill. There have been quite a few people reporting issues with the temperature not being accurate, and also the fault of the ovens top temperature not being high enough to cook food at an acceptable rate of speed. 

The 45 Litre Adler Mini Oven isn't exactly cheap either, coming in at around the same price (About £80) as the Andre James 33 litre mini oven. If you're someone who is going to need accurate temperatures, and fairly accurate cooking times it would be wise to give the 45 Litre Adler Mini Oven a miss and go for a mini oven with excellent reviews that doesn't suffer from the same faults like a VonShef 26 Litre Convection Mini Oven, Lakeland 18 Litre Mini Oven, or the Andrew James Large 33 Litre mini oven with hot plates (Same price).

Dualit 89200 Mini Oven Silver Review

The Dualit 89200 Silver (Chrome) Mini Oven comes in at the higher end of the price range as far as mini ovens go. But what you get for spending a little extra money is a great product that’s reliable, very versatile, and easy to live with. It also looks great too. The Dualit 89200 Mini Oven has a very fast heat up time (5 – 6 minutes), and a much more stable thermostat than the previous model. This results in a more accurate cooking temperature overall.

A better thermostat was a much needed improvement as this is a problem that has plagued a lot of mini ovens regardless of make or model. The Dualit 89200 18 Litre Mini Oven is very easy to clean being stainless steel, non stick, and having a removable tray and lower liner. It features a cooking timer, a double glazed front door, a generously sized door handle, and many cooking options like defrost, grill, bake, and convection (using a fan(s) to heat the food) cooking alternatives.

The Dualit 89200 Chrome Mini Oven is perfect for one or two people, or for households with limited space. It also makes a smart emergency purchase if you have moved into a new home that doesn’t yet have a full size cooker installed and you want to eat everything and anything that you could eat with a normal, full sized cooker. The Dualit 89200 is equally suited for family’s that may need extra cooking equipment due to cooking for lots of people for big get together's and family gatherings.

Some people prefer to use a smaller oven rather then heat up their full size one. It’s more convenient, and because the Dualit 89200 heats up so fast it saves time and money. Bigger ovens can take quite some time to pre-heat, and if you’re only cooking for one or two people it hardly seems worth the time, and the wait! All in all the Dualit 89200 mini oven is mostly an excellent cooking companion.

There are a few minor issues to note though, as there is with any product. Firstly, it doesn’t have an interior light, and second, the timer only has four settings. A few customers have stated that the oven doesn’t reach its maximum temperature. Whether they bought a faulty product or not is unknown. However, most reviews of this mini oven are excellent and the large majority of people didn’t have this issue. Or maybe they don’t see it as that important.

Most rate the Dualit 89200 very highly. Hence it being rated close to a full five stars overall on Amazon UK. One customer came back two years after buying the Dualit 89200 to give an update. He basically said that the oven was still working great and hasn’t missed a beat. You can’t go far wrong with a Dualit product. It is renown as a very reliable British brand. Check out this product on the official Dualit Website. But please note, it is a little cheaper at the higher link above. The Dualit website are selling this item at full price.

Just in case you are buying the Dualit 89200 to fit into a certain space the measurements are as follows: Width: 41.5cm, Height: 24.5cm, Depth: 27cm.

Cheapest Andrew James 20Litre Mini Oven

This is an excellent deal. This is one of the cheapest Andrew James 20 Litre Mini Ovens with grill that you will find anywhere online. It comes with a 2 year UK and EU warranty and is very cheap at the link above). Customer reviews are mostly excellent. It’s a 1500 Watt mini oven that features five separate heat settings so the user has the ability to control how the food is cooked.

Meaning if you are cooking a cake and you don’t want heat coming up from the bottom of the mini oven (so that you don’t burn the base of the cake) you can set it to have heat coming in from above. Like mentioned, there are five of these settings so you can swap and change to meet your requirements. This is a great feature that gives the user full control over where they want their foods heat source direction to come from.

This Andrew James 20 Litre Mini Oven works just like a full size oven in terms of just being able to turn a knob and control the heat of the oven. This ovens highest temperature is 230c. The timer function of some mini ovens only has a few settings but this one has the ability to just be turned on to where ever you desire.

There are no limitations timer wise, unless you use the “Stay On” function then the cooker will keep cooking away until you stop it manually. Being a mini oven it heats up considerably faster then a full-sized oven. It’s about the same size as a microwave so you can imagine how quick it is to heat up. Heat distribution is superb. This is confirmed by the high level of positive customer reviews. Although there is a new reviewer that had a serious problem with this model. The glass door actually exploded! The reviewer uploaded pictures of the shattered glass..See the link above to view the carnage.

The Andrew James 20 Litre Mini Oven with grill is very versatile. It can not only just explode without warning, showering you with glass (It was a one off. However, that can potentially be very dangerous indeed), but it can also cook mostly anything that a full sized oven can cook. If it will fit in the oven that is! As well as a 2 year warranty the Andrew James 20 Litre Mini Oven also comes with a 12 month guarantee for peace of mind.

Perfect for couples, students, and people who live alone. Or, if you need a bit more cooking room than what your normal oven can offer. And of course, it's perfect if you have a small kitchen where space is an issue. This is also a great mini oven to use for camping. Just think of the slap up meal you can have while in the great outdoors by having one of these at your disposal. A great little product that’s big on performance and light on the pocket.

The dimensions of the Andrew James 20 Litre Mini Oven are 18 inches wide, 12 inches in depth, and 11 inches in height. Bought the Andrew James 20 Litre Mini Oven and have to something to say? Let us know. Need something a little bit bigger?. Check out the Andrew James 33 Litre Mini Oven with grill and double hot plates.

Andrew James 33 Litre Mini Oven Review

If you’ve been looking at the smaller Andrew James Mini Oven With Grill, which has a 20 Litre capacity, but you want something a bit bigger, then the 33 litre Andrew James Mini Oven with grill and two hot plates is definitely one of the top contenders. Why stay with the Andrew James brand? Well, as well as having an excellent track record for durable, reliable products they also offer some of the best value for money mini ovens out there.

Two that stand out other then this one are the 20 litre model without the hob, and also the 23 litre model with hot plates, which is great value for money at its selling price. This one, the Andrew James 33 Litre Mini Oven is priced cheaply also. Reviews are mostly excellent.

Features of the Andrew James 33 Litre Mini Oven With Hot Plates

  •     Can do it all, bake, roast, grill, boil, fry, defrost, reheat
  •     Convection cooking option
  •     33 Litre Capacity
  •     Two Hot Plates (1x 1000W 1x 700W)
  •     Tempered Front Glass
  •     Feet for extra grip and support
  •     Looks Great
  •     2 Year Warranty
  •     Low Price

For the price the Andrew James 33 Litre Mini Oven is better then most other brands that offer a mini oven with matching features. If the 20 and 23 litre mini ovens are a little on the small side for your needs then this is a good step up to something a bit bigger.

The Andrew James 33 Litre Mini Oven is a great choice for studio apartments, people who live alone, students, camping, and just about anyone who doesn’t need a full size oven and wants to save some space and money on energy bills that a full sized oven generally eats up.

Camping? You say. Yes, the Andrew James 33 Litre Mini Oven is bigger than the Andrew James 20 litre and 23 litre models, but it’s not so big that you couldn’t take it with you in a camper van or caravan. The Andrew James 33 Litre Mini Oven With Hot Plates measurements are: Width 51cm x Depth 32cm Height 32cm.

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