De'Longhi E01455-30 14 Litre Mini Oven

More from the De'Longhi range, and like the Sfornatutto Maxi, this one also looks like an old Sony TV set. However, it's just the picture! In real life the resemblance isn't as striking. The E01455-30 is a great little mini oven. I say little because compared to the Sfornatutto Maxi, which is 32 Litre capacity, it's fairly small. Of course,14 litres is still big enough to cook most things within reason. The price difference between the two models is pretty big, and if you don't particularly need a 32 litre capacity or spit roast option, the E01455-30 14 Litre is the one you should consider buying. It's literally so much cheaper when compared to it's big brother, the Maxi. Both are great. De'Longhi mostly make great, reliable products so you can't go wrong with either model.

So what are the main features of the De'Longhi E01455-30 14 Litre Mini Oven.

Being fairly small it heats up very quickly and is more efficient at using less power than the bigger mini ovens, and of course full sized. It has three methods of operation. Normal oven, delicate heating and grill. The timer duration is 2 hours maximum. The timer also has the ability to power down when it reaches the end of its set duration and can also make a sound (bleeping alarm) when timer has finished. The De'Longhi E01455-30 also comes with three attachments for cooking food in / on. A rack, a baking pan, and 1 crumb tray. To keep the heat inside the unit more effectively De'Longhi fitted the E01455 with twin glass panels in the door. It's basically got double glazing!

Measurements: 47x27x24cm. Weight: Under 4KG. Thermostat: Changable.

What do reviewers say about this model

Overall, the reviews for this model are excellent.Almost everyone who has bought this oven rated it a full five stars. However, one thing to be aware of is that the E01455-30 does not have an internal light source. But the listing states that it does. Not the biggest deal breaker in the world but its better to be aware of the lack of a light source before you buy the item if that's a feature which you really need or want your mini oven to have.  Other than that, there's not much else to fault it. The De'Longhi E01455-30 is a great item, very durable and reliable. Well worth the rather cheap price tag.

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