De'Longhi EO2435 SfornaTutto Midi Oven

The excellent De'Longhi EO2435 SfornaTutto
The De'Longhi EO2435, another one of those mini ovens that looks like an old retro television. Lot's of the De'Longhi's are like this. That's a good thing. We need more old school in our lives! With mocking the appearance out the way, this is an excellent mini oven. It's capacity is 24 Litres so is considered as a "Midi" oven.

One thing to be aware of is that this model is quite hard to find being sold in the UK. This one actually ships from Italy. As a result it will have a European two pin mains plug, so you will need to buy a UK adaptor (Shaving plug) in order to use it. They are very cheap.

The EO2435 is an 1800 Watt, medium sized workhorse that's very versatile and noted for it's reliability. It the little brother of the SfornaTutto Maxi (32 Litre). Yes, it does cost considerably more than a lot of the other brands of similar size that crowd this market place, but it's a better built product and it is worth the extra money. There is not many left for sale. Be quick.

Making the most of the available space, the De'Longhi EO2435 SfornaTutto is not only an oven, it also has a grill, making it much more convenient. And, you'll be happy to hear, it's an excellent one. Different temperature settings, 2 hour timer, various cooking modes, inner light, great build quality and a review score that most other mini oven manufacturers would love to have, make this a great purchase. It can do it all.

On this website I pull no punches. If there are any issues reported with a product I will mention them. But with this one, there is just nothing bad to say! De'Longhi build a great product. You need look no further than the customer reviews for confirmation of this. Five stars all the way!

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